Saying goodbye to Mark Kosta

It is with a heavy, heavy heart and tremendous sadness that we have to say goodbye to one of our musical family. Mark Kosta was one of a kind, both as a person and as a drummer. He played with us for many years, recorded much, laughed often. His timing was spot-on; He was a powerful and precision drumming machine. Most of all, he was a brother and a cherished friend with a kind heart. He will be sorely missed, today, tomorrow, every day until the end of time.
This was one of his favorite songs to play, and he did an amazing job recording it with us back in 2011: MOURNING. I know that he felt a lot of things about this song and it will always remind me of him and his playing and his amazing spirit. There had been some hard times these past couple of years for Mark, and the times we got to see each other and talk and play music and everything else that brothers do is very precious to me and was always filled with some amount of careful joy. I’ll miss hearing his voice on the phone, or getting a funny text message that didn’t seem to make much sense at the time. I’ll miss his mischievous smile and his hearty laugh. Mostly, I’ll just miss having him around, to see a show or play a show

, or grab a quick beer in between other things that life had for us.
I could ramble on and on about the amazing friend Mark was to me, and to everyone else he ever got to play music with.

Here’s to you, Mark Kosta. May you keep good time forever and rest easy now that your time here is done. We all miss you and love you dearly.

~David DeVoe