Steal This Track : New Ben Franklins

“If you need another reason to get down to the Hi-Dive on Friday night, we’ve got one. Denver institution the New Ben Franklins will release its latest work, a concept album mysteriously titled “[peter gabriel],” that very same night at the very same show for the very same $6. Spurred on by singer-songwriter David DeVoe in one genre and lineup or another, the New Ben Franklins have swung from machine-driven Goth to dobro-driven country throughout their 20-year existence. “[peter gabriel]” marks that two-decade longevity by dipping into a little bit of every kind of music that has influenced DeVoe, from New Wave to new country, from Britpop to garage rock. Meanwhile, a narrative thread runs through the record that will charm fans of the Hold Steady.

While DeVoe — playing as he did on the band’s last record with Tom Oberheide (things with strings), Mark Kosta (things with skins), and Benjamin Williams (the rumbly thing with strings) — can write a song that breaks your heart, the record’s strongest moments are when the quartet rocks full throttle. In an alternate universe where rock radio has survived, “Detroit Party Jesus” would be in heavy rotation. Steal the heroin ode, “Horse,” to hear the New Ben Franklins at their most comfortable, confident and careless. You can pick up the whole album on Friday night at the Hi-Dive.”

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