What to see at UMS by Enrique Jiminez

Enrique Jiminez, from Denver band Altas, and an all around bad ass dude gave a brief interview with Westword with a few bands he thought were bands to see at this year’s Underground Music Showcase. He gave a little shout out to us. Thanks, Enrique!



New Ben Franklins – 8 p.m. – Gary Lee’s Motor Club and Grub:¬†They’re just old school. They have their sound and have been doing it a long time and they’re good at it. It’s a more country rock type of sound. I don’t really see much of that going on mixing the two and bringing that part of Colorado into the kind of indie scene represented at this festival. It’s very non-traditional but hearkens back to that old country sound. I like the tonality of it all. When you can strip something down to its core sound and get something good out of that it’s a very difficult thing to do well. Hundreds of people try to get that tonality.”